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About Tyler

Hi, my name is Tyler Harden. I am 18 years old, and I am from Scranton, Pennsylvania. I am currently a freshman at Louisiana State University. I have always had an interest in high school/college football and basketball. My dad and I would travel around Pennsylvania and sometimes beyond since I was in second grade to see some of the best players and teams at the time. I took part in my first sports writing internship with RawSports, an up and coming brand out of Harrisburg, PA. I am majoring in journalism/mass communications at LSU, and I hope to eventually go into a sports writing career. 

Why did I make TTJH Sports?

I started TTJH Sports on April 15, 2020. When schools closed for the year due to Covid-19, my basketball writing season got cut short, and Pennsylvania was getting into some of the best games in the playoffs at the time. I wanted to keep my content coming, so I had an idea to make my own account in which I can do Instagram Live Interviews. 
As I started doing primarily Class of 2021 football players, I was informed in July that Pennsylvania will not be allowing spectators to fall sports, which includes media guys like me. I chose to use this as a positive, as I can now cover any game in the country from my house.
While I am disappointed I cannot cover any games live this season, at least right now, I think it is for the best. I want to do my part in helping contain Covid-19, and not put myself and others in harms way. 

What I plan to do with TTJH Sports

For the 2021-22 football season, I plan to cover some of the best players/teams from around the country. I plan to write pregame previews/postgame articles for games every weekend for the football season, and for basketball I plan to do the same, although sometimes games are during the week. I will be doing Instagram Live Interviews with some of the best High School Football players in the country, where they will be used as "Player Previews" before they get into their seasons. I will keep a comprehensive schedule of games I will be covering, although that schedule will likely change as time goes on.
As I am currently in college, I'm not sure what the future holds for me and TTJH Sports. But I hope in some way I can still keep doing things with it, along with other opportunities that may come my way!
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