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Collin Wright discusses his time at Stanford so far heading into his freshman season

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Collin Wright signed with Stanford on National Signing Day on February 2nd, and he arrived on campus this summer to get prepared for his freshman season this fall. On February 12th, Wright joined me on Instagram Live for an Interview to discuss his decision to sign with Stanford and more.

Collin Wright Interview

Wright and I caught up six months later to discuss his time so far at Stanford, and what he’s looking forward to most for his future there.

In high school, Wright, a six-foot, 190-pound safety from Manvel High School in Manvel, Texas, was ranked as the No. 61 safety, No. 109 recruit in Texas, and the No. 736 overall recruit in the Class of 2022.

Wright has enjoyed his time as Stanford so far. While it is a place he knew he can enjoy, he has also loved the challenge of being a student-athlete at Stanford. ”My experience at Stanford thus far has been great,” Wright said. “I’m excited to keep meeting more people in the community.”

He appreciates the common determination and strong work ethic that everyone at Stanford possesses, just like him. “Everywhere you go you are surrounded by excellence which isn’t common in most places,” Wright said. “Many people want to not only change communities but change the world. The school has been awesome as I’ve taken some interesting classes this fall quarter. Stanford allows you to think outside of the box, and encourages different methods of learning. This to me, is what makes school fun and is why thousands of students try to come to this place.”

Aside from what Wright has seen in the community at Stanford, he has also seen a lot of success on the field. ”Football has also been going well as we’re in the early stages of fall camp,” Wright said. The high school to college transition hasn’t been bad for me. My goal is to keep competing and try to help our team in any area I can. I think we’ll be very successful this year and I can’t wait for our opener against Colgate on September 3rd.”

While the transition from high school to college has been smooth, Wright has noticed that college practices are much more complex, and he realizes that that is what it takes to compete at a high level and win games. “College practices especially at Stanford have a large focus on attention to detail. That is the biggest difference from high school,” Wright said. Special teams are a huge deal, and we spend as much time getting reps doing special teams drills as we do in our position group periods. Each phase of the game is taken seriously which is important because it will help you win the close games.

Wright was recruited by Stanford as a safety, and while he has been at Stanford, the coaching staff has allowed him to not only play safety, but anywhere in the secondary. “I’ve been blessed to have experience playing every position in the back end before, so there’s nothing I haven’t played,” Wright said. “Right now, I’m playing cornerback, which is what I played during my early high school years. I’m excited for this transition as I see myself having much success in the future.”

During his freshman season, and as he continues to go through the Stanford football program, Wright looks forward to learning from the players who have college experience, and the players that have already made impacts for the team. “I’m looking forward to learning from the older guys on the roster to give me wisdom and help me improve my game mentally,” Wright said. “Getting in the film room more, understanding alignments, body language, eye control, etc. will make the game much easier for me. Improving in these areas will be beneficial to my growth as a DB.”

Looking back on his career thus far, and now that he is experiencing a dream he worked to reach for years in playing at the college level, Wright can’t help but feel lucky and blessed. “It’s a blessing and privilege to be in the position I’m in. Since I was a young kid, I was always pushed to be great and I think that is why I was able to accomplish so much,” Wright said. “Leaning on my support system, through all the ups and downs throughout my life gave me motivation academically and athletically to be the best at what I do. This mindset got me to a special place like Stanford.”

With the mentality Wright has going into his freshman year, he is destined for opportunity and greatness. But more importantly, when adversity may strike, Wright has the mindset to know how to handle it, learn, and improve.

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