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  • Tyler Harden

LSU Commits react after 32-31 overtime win over Alabama

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The energy in Baton Rouge and within LSU Tiger fans is at an all-time high after their 32-31, overtime win over Alabama. Brian Kelly has come into the LSU program and exceeded expectations when it comes to redirecting the program.

His efforts have been noticed by recruits, as LSU currently holds the No. 4 recruiting class in the country, according to 247sports.

Before the game, four-star safety and LSU commit, Ryan Yaites, talked to Brian Kelly, and Kelly’s mentality made Yaites realize that there will be fireworks in Baton Rouge.

“I got to talk to Brian Kelly before the game,” Yaites said. “After talking to him, that’s when I knew with no doubt in my mind we were winning that game.”

Kelly’s mentality and mission for the LSU program have been radiant, and everyone in the program seems to trust him and is willing to buy in. The coaching staff and the players went in determined, and this mentality extended all the way to the recruits.

“It [the game] was amazing,” Three-star offensive tackle and LSU Commit, Paul Mubenga, said. “I remember Coach [Brad] Davis telling me on the phone Thursday that they’ll win against Alabama and there it was, they won.”

LSU’s commits in both the 2023 and 2024 classes recognize the long-term plan Brian Kelly and his coaching staff have for the program. Even in his first season at the helm in Baton Rouge, recruits have realized that he’s backed up his talk and that the program is headed in a great direction.

“I feel he’s changed everything around since being here,” Four-star offensive tackle and LSU commit, Tyree Adams, said. “I feel they are a more player-driven team and it shows to be working”!

After a win over a program like Alabama in his first season at LSU, recruits have a feeling it is only a matter of time before Kelly brings a national championship to Baton Rouge. Four-star tight end and LSU commit, Mac Markway, feels the Tigers will win a title during his time there.

“We will win a national championship without doubt,” Markway said. He’s [Brian Kelly] done everything he said he wanted to do and more.”

Regardless, Brian Kelly and his staff’s efforts have been nothing short of impressive in their first season at LSU. Many had their doubts about how the first season with Brian Kelly in charge would pan out, but LSU fans are looking to get used to the spot the program is in right now.

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