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Three-star ATH Jack Luttrell talks Tennessee commitment and NIL

Photo Credit: @JackLuttrell

There aren’t many high school athletes in the position Jack Luttrell is in. Not only is he a future Division 1 football player, already part of a small percentage of high school athletes, but he also has a social media presence that not many people have. Luttrell has over 159,000 followers on Tik Tok and 43,000 followers on Instagram.

Jack Luttrell is a six-foot, 172-pound, 3-star wide receiver and safety from Colquitt County High School in Moultrie, Georgia. He is ranked as the No. 76 athlete, No. 92 recruit in Georgia, and the No. 957 overall recruit in the country. Luttrell joined me on Instagram Live Thursday night for an interview.

Jack Luttrell Interview

Along with having expectations of his own for his football career, Luttrell has so many more people looking at him because of his social media following. “I know that a lot of eyes are on me,” Luttrell said. “If I make a good play, people will see it, and that’s really cool, because they’re happy for me. But also, I make a bad play, most of my fans are good about keeping it lowkey like ‘oh, we didn’t see that one.’ But it gets kind of stressful, I definitely had to deal with it this past year…they either love me or hate me, and if I’m playing against you, they mostly hate me.”

With the addition of NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) to college athletics, athletes of Luttrell’s presence can benefit greatly, and he has been able to have a small taste of NIL benefits before entering college. “My experience has kind of been limited. I haven’t gotten an $8 million deal yet, so it’s kind of limited,” Luttrell said. “But in my experience, I love working with smaller companies, not even smaller companies, just companies that don’t have that social media presence that I can help them with…helping them build their brand also helps build my own, so I think that benefits them and me also, so I like it.”

Luttrell was Tennessee’s first commitment to their Class of 2023 recruiting class, as he has been committed to the Volunteers for almost a year. “I committed super early, and I think that was good,” Luttrell said. “But at that point where I only had six other offers, Tennessee was the best school that my family and me chose.”

Luttrell may have committed early, but he felt the opportunity Tennessee gave him meant there was no reason to not take it. “They really just made me feel at home,” Luttrell said. “They cared for me, they cared for my family, and at the time that wasn’t what a lot of other colleges were doing.

The Tennessee Volunteers are currently ranked as the No. 10 recruiting class in the country according 247sports. With the well-rounded class the Volunteers have built, their bonds off the field are just as strong. “We got group chats, we got our Epic Gamer tags, we’re playing games sometimes together, it’s a good relationship,” Luttrell said. “It’s exciting, and I’m just ready to be up there with them, in the same dorm rooms, going out at night together, just living life playing football with them.”

While Jack Luttrell already has lots of people watching his every move in his football career, he is ready for what’s ahead, and will continue to prove people wrong.

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